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Michael back in NYC! - mary-kate, ashley, & michael fans [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Michael back in NYC! [Mar. 26th, 2006|05:04 pm]
mary-kate, ashley, and michael fans


[mood |crazy]
[music |mj - dirty diana]

Michael Jackson is back in the USA. In fact, he's back in New York City.

Jackson sneaked back here on Wednesday according to my sources. The purpose was to give a deposition in the $48 million lawsuit filed against him by Prescient Partners, aka Darien Dash, cousin of hip hop entrepreneur Damon Dash.

The Prescient case is a typical Jackson dilemma: the pop singer or someone representing him—possibly his brother Randy—signed an agreement that if Prescient could find him financing to buy out his Bank of America loans, Jackson would pay them a 9 percent fee.

Prescient claims it found over $500 million in financing from Fortress Investments. Now Dash wants his money.

Jackson has other pressing financial problems at the moment which brought him back to the United States from Bahrain. Fortress could foreclose on him at any time on $270 million in loans. Sony Music, Jackson's partner in Sony/ATV Music Publishing—is trying to buy the loans from Fortress with help from Citigroup. The latter is asking for a small piece of Jackson’s holdings in order to do this. Fortress, my sources say, won’t give up, and wants a 20 percent piece of Jackson’s pie.

Then, of course, there are the problems in California, most notably the closing down of Neverland. Jackson still has fines to pay to the Department of Labor. And if he ever wants to have a staff there again, he has to get a workmen’s compensation policy.

And where is Jackson exactly? Sources say the Four Seasons Hotel is his likely crib of choice, although he's also used the Palace on Madison Avenue. Paparazzi, start your engines!

(fox news)